Email marketer's resources

A list of resources to help email marketers with their work

Send your newsletters:

  • Sendy and Amazon SES allows you to send emails through Amazon SES while providing an easy to navigate user interface. Amazon SES offers great technology for sending large volumes of emails through high quality IPs at an unbeatable price (100 USD for 1 mio. emails).

  • to test IP quality
    Test the quality of the IPs that your email marketer gave you for sending. It’s free and gives you good insights about your sender IP, so you can identify possible problems of getting into the inbox due to reputation issues of your IP address.

Create your newsletters:

  • Emailmonks Know how to design, but not how to code emails in HTML? Then give Emailmonks a try. They can quickly turn your Photoshop design into email HTML.

  • Litmus
    Still want to give coding HTML yourself a go? Then you will have to do a lot of testing to make sure your email will work in all email clients. Litmus does the hard work for you. You just paste your HTML and it will run tests in almost all available email programs and tell you where the email works and where it doesn’t.

-> Tip: Here you can test your emails for free with Litmus. It doesn’t work without limit, but it will save you the $ 79 USD per month. You could reset your browser cookie and by-pass Litmu’s restriction. @mailerbob alerted @litmusapp about this on Twitter: See Tweet and Litmus doesn’t recommend this.

  • Codepen
    Once you’re at the level of coding your own emails in HTML, give Codepen a try if you haven’t already. It’s free and great for colaborating online since it runs in your browser. Also you can paste HTML from other people’s emails and make modifications to the code while immediately seeing how they would look as a result.

Improve your email database:

  • Briteverify
    If you have a list of emails and you are unsure about their quality, don’t send to them right away. It will threaten your reputation if you cause a lot of bounces to due invalid emails. You can run the emails through Briteverify’s filter to check the validity of the emails prior to sending.